The Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme at Feast

Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme at Feast. Our idea of has Feast changed into something more than just food as we opened our refill store for you to be able to buy authentic products. Our target is to become a zero-waste store. We hope that this approach to food waste will project on to the local, and even wider, community.

It feels like an age since we first had our idea of Feast. Originally starting as a way to display our love of cooking for our wonderful customers. This quickly blossomed into us being able to open our lovely home. So the Cheese Packaging Recycling programme is a great way for us to develop as a business, and a even better way of involving you in improving our local community.

Cheese Packaging Recycling

At Feast, we believe the responsibility of treating our environment with respect lies with us. Which is why we want to introduce our latest project which you can get involved with.

Terracycle’s, ‘The Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme,’ is a project that you can easily be a part of. With the idea being able to recycle any brand of flexible plastic cheese packaging or netting. We can now proudly say that Feast is one of the many, nationwide drop-off locations for all of your cheese packaging.

The way it works is very simple. We are now a designated drop off point, all you need to do is save any packaging from your cheese products and bring them to us.

Cheese Packaging Recycling

Once the waste is dropped off, it gets collected from Feast and is taken to be processed. The cheese packaging you drop at our door is shredded, washed, and then pelletized to be turned into products such as benches, or the film used for rubbish bags. We believe that this is a great way to dispose of everyday waste, but also, the rewards we can earn because of your efforts can directly impact our community.

For every kilogramme of cheese packaging you deliver to us, we can earn 100 TerraCycle® points. Each single TerraCycle® point we earn amounts to 1 penny. The more waste we collect the more money we can earn as a financial donation to any charity, or school we wish to support. We have decided to donate our funds to Visyon. A charity in Congleton dedicated in supporting the mental health of children, young people, and their families across Cheshire and Staffordshire Moorlands. Don’t forget however, that there is a 3KG minimum weight limit before your points count. So don’t forget to stock up and save as much packaging as you can before delivering to us!

We hope that you can be as enthusiastic about this project as we are, start saving up your cheese packaging and deliver it to us at Home of Feast. Click here to find us.