Frequently Asked Questions

We spend a lot of time considering the menus for our events to ensure you have the best culinary experience possible. We are not restaurateurs; we are enthusiastic and creative cooks with a real passion for both excellent food and entertaining.

If you have any questions about FEAST, please feel free to contact us via email, but we’ll try and answer a few questions here.

Booking your table

Due to how we try to accommodate different sized parties, we do not currently offer an online booking facility. This allows us more flexibility to meet your party size and review the table configuration for the event.

Find out about future events

Please register on our website, we email future menus to subscribers before we add them to the website or publish them across our social media channels. We have experience of events selling out before we have published the night … so we’d recommend signing up.

Dietary requirements 

Let us know well in advance if you, or any of your party, have food allergies or specific dietary requirements, we will always try to accommodate specific requirements but in some cases, this may prove very difficult.

Our delicious menus are planned well in advance, ingredients are sourced from local suppliers (where possible). Remember this is a set menu.


Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Although a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone but it is up to you.


We’re not licensed and cannot sell alcohol by law. But you can, of course, bring your own! One of the benefits of a supper club over a restaurant is that you can bring much better-quality wine than you would get in a restaurant and save a fortune at the same time. We provide still or chilled tap water and sell soft drinks but if you want alcohol, bring your own.

Your table is laid with water, white and red wine glasses.

Please turn up on time

The event has a “start time” usually, 7pm, therefore we would request everyone is sat in their seat at 7pm, we will manage the service to ensure you have a complete, relaxed meal, you will not be rushed as we manage the time between courses and serve everyone each course at the same time.

Consider the other guests

As you would in a restaurant, please keep the noise to a reasonable level and respect the other diners. It’s not a library, but it’s not a rugby changing room either!


We have a wonderful team who work hard to serve and look after you. They all work tirelessly to make your evening a memorable one. We don’t add service charges or corkage charges but if you feel you would like to “tip” your waiter or waitress…. That is your decision but would be very well received.


Payment is required when you book.

To book your place at an event, simply send us an email with your name, how many seats, and your mobile number. We will confirm if a table is available and send a payment link.

Once payment is made your booking will be confirmed.


Unlike a commercial restaurant, we buy ingredients and prepare meals for the number of guests that have booked, and we don’t have any margins to cover these costs if my guests don’t come.

Cancellation must be sent to us via email, once received we will reply confirming the cancellation and refund details if relevant.

We offer a full refund if your table is cancelled more than 14 days prior to the event

We will refund you 50% if cancelled within 14 days prior to the event

We cannot offer a refund if your table is cancelled within 72 hours of the event


Please mention anything that you’re not happy with to either Alison or Sharon. As we are trying to improve all the time, feedback is always welcomed. If you don’t feel speaking to us on the night is appropriate, then you can always email us directly.