British Colour Standard Candles at Feast

British Colour Standard candles at feast! We are what you might call, foodies, here at Feast. But the festive season is quickly approaching, with everyone’s decorations soon to be up. So, to help you get into the spirit of Christmas, we thought we’d expand our product range again!

If you have been into the Feast store recently, you may have already seen our candles. If you haven’t? be sure to stop by soon! We have decided to supply our wonderful customers with products from a company named, British Colour Standard. Now, you may have heard of these before. Their roots go way back!

Founded in 1931, British Colour Standard originated from the British Colour Codes. Setting up their HQ in London, the BCC became the reference point of the various colours and their names. These different profiles of colours were stored within the ‘Dictionary of Colour Standards’ and was used by everyone from the Royal Mail and even the British Government! Unfortunately, the HQ was demolished after the Second World War.

Fast forward to today, and we still see these colours be used!’

Fast forward to today, and we still see these colours be used! The dictionary has since been found, and using a digital colour reader. The hundreds of colours from the 1930s have been digitally established and profiled to be used, in the 21st century!

British Colour Standard use this vast profile of colours to create their vibrant products. Whether it’s their Paint colour chart, recycled and handmade Glassware, or our favourites and what we have in store, their Candles! Yes, for Christmas time, you can get your home all cosy with the different British Colour Standard candles we have in store. At Feast, we are currently supplying candles in the following colours:

  • Powder Blue
  • Medici Blue
  • Gull Grey
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Opaline

We think these candles are great! And what makes British Colour Standard even better, is their focus on the environment and Fair-Trade friendly products! British Made and water-based, their products have a sustainable or eco provenance. This fall neatly in line with our values at Feast! We are all about making both our local, and global communities more environmentally conscious, and we know a lot of you agree too.  

Please be sure to check out these different candles in store at Feast, we hope to see you soon!

Or you can learn more about us by visiting our website here.

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