Couch Grind Coffee at Home of feast

Coffee at Home of Feast. You may have noticed recently that we have had a brand-new coffee machine! We are quite excited about this. Well, we thought we’d provide you with a little more information about the product we use and sell here at Home of Feast.

Couch Grind Coffee is a local business to the area! Firstly, this is something we really value here at Feast as we look to support our community. Couch Grind Coffee was founded by David Seymour. Now you may know this name, especially if you like Rugby! For 14 years, David had a wonderful career in the sport. Playing for teams like Saracens, Sale Sharks, and even England! We asked David to give us a little more insight into how he started his business.

“A few years before I finished playing, I started to think about what I might do once I had to hang up my rugby boots for good. One of my big loves outside of rugby is coffee. After taking the advice of a good friend who said try and do something you have a passion for, it didn’t take me long to decide what path to go down.

There are subtle links to rugby throughout my coffee business. The signature blend and my personal favourite is the No.7 due to the position I play on the pitch, and in the logo, there is

even a 7 in yellow within the cup. Even the name, Couch Grind Coffee comes from the scrum sequence crouch-bind-set.

The blends are numbered and are linked to that playing position on the field.  For example, the No.10 is a smooth 100% Arabica blend that will never let you down, like a good fly half, and the No.1 is the strongest of the bunch like most props on the rugby field. 

I would like to say a massive thankyou to Feast for supporting a local business and honoured they have chosen to offer Couch Grind Coffee alongside all the fantastic products they stock.”  

“Everyone has their favourite out of the 5 coffee blends, and I hope you find yours.”

Couch Grind Coffee, while local, is an increasingly successful company. So much, that David has found his business featured on the British GQ Magazine in 2019! We love this product and being able supply it to you for all of the reasons that have already been mentioned. But also due to Couch Grind Coffee matching our values at Feast. With recently making the switch to compostable bags. This shows us the desire for Couch Grind Coffee to become considerate for the environment we live in, just like us at Feast!

If you would like to try Couch Grind Coffee for yourself, you can find it at Feast. We supply both the bags of Grounds and Beans, or even as a drink, with the No. 7 blend in a Cappuccino, Latte, or a Flat White.

We are proud to include Couch Grind Coffee as one of the many Friends of Feast

Or, you can visit the Couch Grind Coffee website by clicking here.

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