Organic Pasta at Home of Feast

Organic pasta at Home of Feast. When we came across Pastificio Carleschi Pasta we knew we wanted to stock it straight away at Home of Feast. Finding small artisan producers fills us with excitement and joy and this London based company ticks all the boxes. They are the first British organic dry pasta producer in the UK. Now that is something to champion and be proud of.

The company use locally sourced, British organic stoneground flour made from ancient grains such as Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn to create their wonderful pasta. Using traditional Italian methods, slow dried at low temperatures, bronze extruded, keeping all the natural flavour and nutritional benefits Something we really appreciate!

Also we love their sustainability credentials, the ancient grains they use are resilient varieties which benefit soil regeneration. Using only green energy to manufacture the products and all packaging is plastic-free and compostable. At Home of Feast we supply Casarecce in re-fill and other varieties in 400g home compostable packaging.

We provide the Conchiglie, Fusilli, and Casarecce at Home of Feast.

They state clearly on their website their core values. A Better World , producing, and sourcing locally, they make sure that they have high ethical, and environmental standards. Clarity, open communication, keeping things simple and straightforward. Wow service, satisfaction and an ability to make things right if they get something wrong, something also important to us. Positive thinking, optimistic and forward thinking. Creativity, pioneers, breaking frontiers and finding solutions.

And this brings us to the real reason we use this organic pasta. It’s simply just better than other products. There are so many things which support this too. From being certified by the Soil Association as the wheat grains are great for soil replantation. the traditional Italian methods for a truly artisan product. And finally, being sourced from British farms, you can’t get a fresher product. All of this combine actually led to Pastificio Carleschi products winning 5 ‘Great taste Awards’ in 2020 and we are sure they will gain many more.

We love this product and what it stands for. We want you to enjoy this too, so please stop by Home of Feast anytime to pick some up!

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