Scandinavian Nights

Saturday the 30th November saw the latest FEAST takeover at Gather in Congleton.

The team now fully resplendent in their new FEAST uniforms (Thanks to CMJ Embroidery, Congleton) welcomed another full house to their Scandinavian themed supper club.

The event for us doesn’t just start at 7pm on the day, we start the methodical planning of food selection weeks in advance, numerous practice runs (much to the delight of our family) on the run up to the event, then at 5.30pm on the Saturday …. it action stations for the whole team! We move in and start our take over. Re-arranging tables, decoration, table settings, setting up the kitchen, food prep, etc etc. It is a BIG task but thankfully …. Olivia is their to tell us what to do. As usual though, come 7pm, we are ready to go!!

We are genuinely grateful to everyone who continues to support our FEAST events, this night was certainly one to remember, when selecting the menu, we had to consider recognised specialities as in pickled herring and meatballs but as we discovered their food is a lot more varied than you might think.

Thank you to Congleton for continuing to support us as we prepare for next weekends Christmas celebration with our Festive Feast on Saturday the 7th December (Sold out).

If you are interested in coming along to a FEAST event, please check out our “EVENTS” page and don’t forget, if you sign up and join the FEAST family, you’ll be the first to know about events in 2020.

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