24 hours in the North East

Last week FEAST took a little trip to Newcastle for a night. Having never been to Newcastle we didn’t really know what to expect but … wow …. we love Newcastle!

After we arrived, the first port of call was the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. This was the chance to be culture vulture’s in this iconic building on the banks of the Tyne.

Starting on one side of the river (in Gateshead) we then crossed over the Millenium Bridge and landed in Newcastle. At this point, we started think about lunch (as you would expect when FEAST is on tour). We spotted something in the distance (back on the other side of the river), “By The River Brew Co.” is a ‘container community’ which are becoming more and more popular across the country. We have visited similar outlets in both Shoreditch & Manchester as they give you a fantastic range of food options. If you haven’t visited one….. do it this weekend! You’ll love it.

Bellies full, time to walk off the calories, so we took a stroll through the streets of Newcastle. Now we had no idea what an amazing place this is, near the riverfront you could swear you were in New York!

As the temperature started to drop (and boy does it get chilly in the North East) we decide to retreat indoors, with such huge choice of bars and restaurants, it was hard to choose, but we struck lucky! A cheeky Espresso Martini or two later …. we moved on.

Our Sunday morning stroll along the riverside included wandering through the Sunday market. A lovely atmosphere on a cold but sunny morning, perfect! So many stalls, selling everything from vintage clothes, vintage toys, jewellery, fruit and vegetables and of course PLENTY of street food and specialist coffee traders.

Before we headed back we had time for a quick stop for coffee and cake at a little place called ‘Kiln’ in the Ouseburn. Kiln Cafe & Ceramics is a contemporary venue in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Newcastle… You surprised us, in a VERY good way!

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