Welcome to 2020

January 2020 saw the first of a series of planned events from FEAST.

Following a relaxing Christmas period, we decided that we would air on the side of healthy to kick off the new decade.

Once again we were overwhelmed by the response and we started the New Year with a full house. We welcomed Anna to the team for the evening and brought Ethan back from Manchester to help out. Livvy and Jem once again kept everything under control front of house and importantly kept the pot washers inline (thanks Guy and Neil).

The menu was created to be a healthy option, lots of testing (much to the delight of our families) and we were really pleased with the final result.

It always makes us happy when we get good feedback but one of the most memorable comments was

“If I had been in a restaurant I may not have chosen certain things, but I LOVED every element (even things I didn’t think I liked), that’s the benefit of attending an event like FEAST”


We are now moving onto our next “Love Feast” event for Valentines. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 15th February at our Congleton Venue, Gather of Cheshire.

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