Renovate, Refurbish & Refine

… it’s been only 3 months in the making but years in the planning.

We began Project Feast just 3 months ago. Located in Buglawton, Congleton, the Old Chapel has over 200 years of history, but more recently had been used as office space.

The original concept for Feast came from the “pop up supper club scene”, this involved us finding an independent venue and using that location for our supper clubs.

Following a number of highly successful Feast Supper Clubs in 2019 at a Gather in Congleton. Our ambition for the project was to try and convert this space into an exciting new venue, for both boutique dining and Congleton’s first dedicated refill store. Focused on herbs, spices, flour, pasta and much, much more.

To give you an idea of the scale and task we took on, we thought it maybe interesting to see some of the pictures we took throughout the process. We can confidently say that “not one surface was left untouched”.

We have to thank everyone who has helped us to reach this point, including Neil & Matt (Electrics – 5 Star Electrical Services), Sam Hopkins (Plumbing), Paul Yates (Flooring) and Olivia Axson (for Creatives and Art). Our friends and family have been SO supportive, cleaning, painting and generally being there for us.

Last Saturday, when we finally opened our doors, it felt like Christmas morning when we were little (we didn’t get much sleep the night before).

Everyday so far has been amazing, we LOVE it and hope you do too.

Project Feast