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Odysea products at Home of Feast. If you haven’t seen already, we have some new products in Feast. Introducing Odysea! A company who provides some of the highest quality, Greek food products on the market. At least we think so anyway! We thought we’d tell you a little more about this company.

We’ll go back to Odysea’s roots. Back in 1991, Odyea’s founder, Panos Manuelides, had a dream of bringing Greek products to the UK. It all began on Portobello Road, at its food market. Panos sold premium Greek Olives here, which would lead to the birth of Odysea, with the aim of being the UK’s 1st choice for Greek products.

“Life revolves around the kitchen table in Greece, and we want our products to reflect that […] We only sell food that we would happily share with our own family.”

Panos Manuelides – Founder of Odysea

He did this by following his own values, of which we really appreciate here at Feast. These 4 values are…

  1. “An exceptional knowledge & understanding of Greek & Mediterranean cuisine”
  2. “A proven passion for supplying products with provenance & heritage”
  3. “The ability to source exceptional ingredients for a whole host of customers from delicatessens & Michelin star restaurants to national supermarket chains, food halls & airlines”
  4. “A continuous hunger to discover the next delicious product to share with the UK market” 

As you can see, there is a real passion for food at Odysea. This is also taken into how they source their products too. We’ll take a look at just 3…

Raw Greek Honey –

With the most Bees per acre, Greece is considered to have some of, if not the best honey in the world. Odysea take full advantage of this by sourcing their honey from beekeeper Alexandros Gousiaris, in the village of Ilias. Alexandros moves his bees to the floral covered mountains in the Summer, of which gives the honey both health giving properties, and a unique flavour.

Hand-Picked Olives –

On the island of Evia, the Olive crop’s process starts sooner than in other areas. Being a friend of the family, Panos would source his Olives from the 55,000 trees of the Rovies Grove. The process the Olive’s go through is very traditional, fermenting the brine in 9 months, with no caustic soda.

Organic Greek Yoghurt & Kefir –

On Mount Menikio, George Meleneklis’s Goats are treated like royalty, to create some of the best dairy products around. Free to graze on the mountain ranges, the goats receive care such as being sprayed with water mist or being played classical music to keep them calm. The yoghurt is made 24 hours after milking, with a process which creates an almost clotted cream-esque product.

Products we sell at Home of Feast…

  • Rustichella…
    • Linguine
    • Egg Fettuccine
    • Pappardelle
    • Tonnarelli Al Negro Di Sepia
    • Fregola Sarda
  • Meze…
    • Kalamata Olive
    • Aubergine
    • Bruschetta
    • Spicy Harissa
  • Olive Oil…
    • Kalamata, Extra Virgin
    • Chania, Extra Virgin from Crete
  • Gigantes Beans
  • Aubergine Imam
  • Stuffed Vine Leaves
  • Chickpeas in Tomato sauce
  • Alexandria Pitted Olives with Chilli & Cumin
  • Flame Roasted Red & Yellow Peppers
  • Greek Spring Blossom Raw Honey
  • Preserved Beldi Lemons
  • Aged Balsamic Vinegar
  • Pimento Stuffed Olives

At Feast, we think that Odysea products are fantastic! We always aim to have the most authentic products in store, from companies who hold similar values to us, and a real passion for food as this is reflected in the quality of the food we supply to you! Odysea know exactly who, and where their products come from and can ensure that the calibre of their products are of the highest level!  If you’d like to try any of these products, then pop in store today!

You can learn more about Odysea Feeding Conversation by visiting their website here!

Or, you can find it in store at Feast, visit our website here!

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